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 Hello everyone! Dustin Kidd here. I teach English at Kaisei Junior High and High School. This February, I took a group of students from Kaisei Junior High School to New Zealand for about two weeks as part of our school trip. This is a short report about what we did while we were there.
We arrived at the Auckland International Airport on February 17th, and from there we took a bus to Katikati, a small town of about 1500 people that is 200 kilometers from Auckland. Each student stayed with a local family, and every weekday we had classes at Katikati College or some sort of event. For example, we went on a hike in the Karangahake Gorge. We played soccer games with students from Katikati and Waihi, the neighboring town. We visited a Maori marae and participated in a special welcoming ceremony there. We also took part in Katikati College’s Sports Day, and some of our students even won the races they ran in! On days when students only had classes, they went to regular classes in the morning with a buddy student from Katikati, and after morning tea, we had English language classes. One thing that everybody liked was that school ended at 3:05!
On the weekends, everyone had free time with their families. My host mother took me to Matamata to see a place where parts of the “Lord of the Rings” movies were filmed. My host father took me sea fishing on his boat. Also, I went to Rotorua and saw some real kiwis (the birds) and learned some more about Maori culture in New Zealand.
It was a really exciting trip for everybody, and I think all of our students got a lot out of the trip!

 みんなにとって、とてもわくわくさせる旅行で、この研修で生徒の皆さんはたくさんのことを学んで帰ったと思う!(英文・和文:ダスティン キッド)
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